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Founded in 1972, Trattoria Restaurant stands as a cornerstone of Athens' historic center, nestled in the heart of Plaka.

At Trattoria Restaurant, our journey began in 1972, establishing ourselves as an integral part of Athens’ historic center, Plaka. Nestled within the enchanting Filomousos Eteria square, we’ve been a cherished culinary gem, offering a fusion of traditional Mediterranean flavors with a distinct emphasis on Italian and Greek cuisine. Over the years, we’ve honed our expertise, crafting delectable dishes that epitomize quality, all while embracing the essence of two vibrant culinary cultures.

Konstantinos Tarampikos

Trattoria Restaurant embarked on its culinary journey back in 1972, under the visionary guidance of its founder, Konstantinos Tarampikos. With a passion for authentic flavors and a dedication to quality, the restaurant swiftly became a beloved fixture within the historic center of Athens. Konstantinos’s commitment to crafting exceptional Italian and Greek dishes laid the foundation for Trattoria’s legacy.

Spyros Tarampikos

Carrying the torch forward, Konstantinos’s son, Spyros, inherited the family’s culinary prowess and continued the tradition of excellence. Spyros brought his innovative touch to the table, infusing traditional recipes with modern flair while upholding the restaurant’s unwavering commitment to serving delectable meals with impeccable hospitality.

Konstantinos Tarampikos

Today, Trattoria proudly enters its next chapter under the leadership of the third generation, Konstantinos Tarampikos. With a wealth of experience passed down through generations, Konstantinos preserves the restaurant’s heritage while embracing contemporary culinary trends. He stands at the helm, ensuring that the legacy of Trattoria thrives, offering an extraordinary dining experience that honors its rich history while welcoming a new era of gastronomic delight.

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